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Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans

Our Cocoa Beans are carefully harvested and processed to preserve their natural richness and flavor profile, ensuring a truly authentic cocoa experience. Whether you’re a chocolatier crafting gourmet treats or a home baker infusing your creations with the essence of luxury, our Madagascar Cocoa Beans are the perfect choice for elevating your culinary endeavors.

Experience the unparalleled quality and taste of Madagascar Cocoa Beans with Texas ExportPorium. Unlock the true essence of chocolate with our premium Cocoa Beans from Madagascar.

Flavor Characteristics

Offering a medium-bodied experience, these cocoa beans exhibit a
delightful citrus acidity complemented by vibrant hints of dried
cranberries, culminating in a nuanced and nutty finish.

Storage - Shipment

After drying, the beans are stored in jute bags of 60 to 70 kilos.
These bags are stamped and numbered. A series of samples are
taken to assess the quality of the beans. Then, the cocoa beans
are ready to be traded on the international market.

Country and Area

Madagascar Origin Details: Mangabe, Tranokarany, Ambanja

Cocoa Varieties

Distinct Varieties: Forastero, Criollo, Trinitario

Fermentation Process

  • Optimal Fermentation: 6 Days in Black Wood Tanks
  • 1st Brewing: 48 hours
  • 2nd Brewing: 48 hours
  • 3rd Brewing: 48 hours
  • Regular Agitation: 48/48/48 hour

Drying Methods

  • Natural Sun Drying: Outdoor


  • Wet Season: 9 days (Depending on Sun)
  • Dry Season: 5 days (07.30 am to 02.00 pm)

Quality Parameters

  • Moisture Content <8%
  • Purple beans <7%
  • Slaty <1%
  • Mild <1%
  • Hand-Sorted Triage

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