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Mung Beans

Mung Beans Our Madagascar Mung Beans are cultivated with meticulous care, adhering to strict quality standards to ensure superior taste and freshness. Whether you’re preparing comforting soups, vibrant salads, or savory stir-fries, our Mung Beans provide a nutritious and delicious foundation for your culinary creations. At Texas ExportPorium, we are committed to sustainable and ethical […]

Lima Beans

Lima Beans Indulge in the exquisite taste and exceptional quality of our Madagascar Lima beans, meticulously cultivated to perfection.  Size: Hand-selected to ensure uniformity and optimal size, with a diameter averaging around 0.6 inches (approximately 15.2 mm). These beans offer a satisfying bite and consistent texture, ideal for a variety of culinary applications. Moisture Level: […]

Red Beans

Red Beans Discover the vibrant flavor and premium quality of our Madagascar Red beans, carefully cultivated to meet the highest standards of excellence.  Size: Handpicked to ensure consistency and optimal size, our Madagascar Red beans boast a uniform diameter of approximately 0.4 inches (around 10.2 mm). This ideal size provides a delightful balance between texture […]

Black Eyed Beans

Black Eyed Beans Explore the wholesome goodness of Madagascar Black-Eyed Beans, a versatile and nutritious addition to any pantry. Sourced from the fertile lands of Madagascar, our Black-Eyed Beans are cultivated organically, ensuring purity and quality that enrich every meal. At Texas ExportPorium, we understand the importance of catering to individual preferences. That’s why we […]